Welcome to Coach’s Corner!

Hi!  My name is Margie, and I’m excited to be entering the blogging world.  I am a teacher in southwestern Ontario in Canada, and usually can be found teaching in the Grade 3 to 5 range.  This year, however, I am fortunate to be working within my school board as a “Numeracy Facilitator” in Grades 1-6 classes.  I will be supporting and working alongside classroom teachers as they implement engaging and thoughtful three-part math lessons.  At the moment I’m working between two schools, each of which has amazing teachers who have welcomed me into their classrooms.  During the coming months I hope to share some of the strategies and successes in these classes, and discuss any and all ideas about education with you.

A bit about myself:  I live in rural Ontario with my husband, 15 year old son and 13 year old daughter, as well as a small dog, Mia.  I enjoy the peace and quiet here in the country, and spend much of my time either reading or creating things for my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Most of my extended family lives within a half-hour of our home, which is something I missed when I lived near Toronto before I returned home, got married and found a job here.  


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