Place Value Math Bingo for 2nd and 3rd Grade

This Place Value Bingo with a Twist game reviews a wide variety of number sense skills like place value, expanded notation, numerals, and more.

$3.99 CAD

This Place Value Bingo with a Twist game reviews a wide variety of number sense skills:
✔place value
✔expanded notation
✔number words

Students match a number (ie “42” ) with the same number on their card, often shown in a different form (ie. “44 – 2” or “3 tens & 12 ones”). Fifty-three numbers ranging from 3 to 99 are focused on in this game.

This game can be played with an entire class, or used as a math center by any number of students you wish.

Included in this resource are:

❶ 32 bingo cards
❷ 2 blank bingo cards

❸ Teacher instructions

❹ “Caller” cards

❺ Lists of the different representations of all 53 numbers (each number is represented a variety of 7 different ways).

This game will allow your students extra practice in the important skill of composing and decomposing 1 and 2 digit numbers in a entertaining atmosphere!



Buyer Feedback:

►”Awesome resource! A true asset to my Daily 5 Stations!” (Thanks CathyAnn C.!)

►”This is a great resource. I love the multiple ways numbers are shown on the game board. More than just the traditional bingo!” (Thanks Catherine Laura B.!)

►”This was a fun whole class game. It could easily be left for a sub too! Thanks! (Thanks, Emily K.!)”

►”Such a great resource for ensuring my students are practicing a variety of maths skills and see how they are related!” (Thanks Mrs. Gardiner!)


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