Ontario Grade 6 Social Studies | Communities in Canada Part 4

Communities in Canada, Past & Present, Part 4: Life in a Settler Community supports the 2018 Ontario Social Studies Curriculum for Grade 6.

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Are you an Ontario Grade 6 teacher worried about meeting the NEW expectations of the 2023 Ontario Social Studies Curriculum? Cross that worry off your list! Communities in Canada, Past & Present, Part 4: Life in a Settler Community has been updated to include a look at Jewish communities in Toronto and Montreal, while still exploring aspects of life in many other types of communities.

This resource supports students as they learn about important economic, political, cultural, and social aspects of life in settler and Indigenous communities, and will also explore what different communities contribute to the elusive “Canadian Identity”. Students will explore and create thematic maps to help develop a deeper understanding of patterns and trends in our country. A Different Aspects of Community Life flipbook will be used to record students’ thinking about the various types of communities featured in this resource. The end-of-unit task asks students to investigate celebrations that highlight diversity within Canadian communities. Lessons:

  • The Canadian Identity
  • Patterns and Trends in Community Life
  • Culture in One Community (Mennonites in Winnipeg)
  • Toronto and Montreal’s Jewish Communities
  • Ottawa: Home of Canadian Politics
  • Economy in the Fur Trade of New France
  • Inclusiveness in A Canadian Community (L’Arche)
  • Citizenship: Celebrating Our Diversity

This 49 page unit contains:

►Resource overview

►Key learning goal

►Student-friendly texts

►Lesson plans

►Thematic Mapping Activity

►Graphic organizers ►Success Criteria/Assessment

This Part 4 resource is part of a five-part bundle, which can be checked out by clicking here:  https://coachscorners.ca/shop/ontario-grade-6-social-studies-communities-in-canada-bundle/

A French Immersion edition of this unit can be previewed here:  https://coachscorners.ca/shop/ontario-grade-6-social-studies-communities-in-canada-part-4-french-version/

As well, a word wall resource for the unit may be of interest:  https://coachscorners.ca/shop/communities-in-canada-word-wall/




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