Ontario Grade 6 Social Studies Canada’s Interactions in the Global Community

This Canada’s Interactions in the Global Community resource is a 213-page unit intended to support the revised 2018 Ontario Grade 6 Social Studies Curriculum.

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Are you worried about leading inquiry-based social studies lessons in your Ontario Grade 6 classroom? This Canada’s Interactions in the Global Community resource is a 232-page unit packed with engaging activities, full lesson plans, and student texts for Strand B of the Ontario Grade 6 Social Studies Curriculum. This unit supports an inquiry-based learning approach as students develop guiding questions and work in “expert groups” to investigate and develop their understanding of Canada’s role in the global community. This unit allows students to organize their learning as they create a Global Issues Flipbook, which they will personalize in a manner that shows each student’s unique path through the inquiry process.

NOTE: This resource has been updated to meet the 2023 Ontario Social Studies Curriculum’s new Grade 6 expectations. This revision has been addressed with the inclusion of a new inquiry topic: Human Rights and the Holocaust.

This unit is structured so that the topic of International Trade is explored by both teacher and students together. The teacher also introduces the Concepts of Social Studies Thinking and the Social Studies Inquiry Process skills as outlined in the Ontario Curriculum. The students then apply these concepts and skills as they investigate other issues in their “expert groups” with each group researching a particular issue in depth.

There are 9 issues included in this resource, though you may add others using the same process as you see fit. The included issues are:

❶ Asian Tsunami

➁ Climate Change

❸ COVID-19 Pandemic

➃ Food Scarcity

❺ Haiti Earthquake

➅ HIV/AIDS in Africa

❼ Invasive Species

➇ Ukraine Crisis

❾ Human Rights and the Holocaust

Students participate in Knowledge Building Circles where groups share their learning with each other, challenging ideas and making connections between Canada’s responses to these various issues. Students exploring how Canada has responded to the 2004 tsunami, for example, can see if anything changed by the time Canada became involved with the 2010 response to the earthquake in Haiti. There is a strong social justice component of this unit, as students learn about issues such as child labour and fair trade, and the role that Canada has played in addressing such global issues.

What’s Included?

  • 17 Complete 3-part Lesson Plans (Getting Started/Working on It/Reflecting and Connecting)
  • Age-appropriate Student Texts
  • QR Codes for Related Websites
  • Global Issues Flipbook Templates with Student Examples
  • Assessment Tools
  • Mapping Activities
  • Extra Tips for Teachers

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