Ontario Grade 4|5 Social Studies | Strand B

Check out this blended unit, created to meet expectations for the 2018 Ontario Social Studies Curriculum for Strand B: People and Environments.

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Looking for a Grade 4/5 Canadian social studies unit that allows you to teach both grades at the same time? No more hopping back and forth between grades? Check out this blended unit, created to meet expectations for the 2018 Ontario Social Studies Curriculum for Strand B: People and Environments:

Grade 4: Political and Physical Regions of Canada
Grade 5: The Role of Responsible Citizenship and Government

French Immersion Teachers: This unit has also been translated into French. Check it out here!

This unit was created using a “backward-design” model, with students finishing the units with projects that reflect the big ideas of the curriculum. Students will create a scrapbook, cube, brochure, or poster about an environmental issue in one province or territory. All 16 lessons included in this unit will assist students in building the knowledge they will require for that culminating activity.

Teachers can instruct both grades at once, with each grade level having a slightly different focus:

Grade 4: will look at how human activity affects the environment, and vice versa, in different regions, provinces, and territories.

Grade 5: will explore how various levels of government are involved in these environmental issues.

This unit includes:
✔ 3-part lesson plans, with specific curriculum expectations noted
✔ hyperlinks to relevant videos and websites
✔ assessment Tools
✔ answer Keys
✔ student-friendly texts and tasks
✔ examples of student projects

✔ Chat Stations

✔ Exit Tickets

✔ mapping activities

✔ province and territory license plate designs

✔ Regions of Canada foldable

✔ culminating projects

1. Introduction
2. Features of Maps
3. Political Map of Canada (1)
4. Political Map of Canada (2)
5. Physical Regions of Canada
Mapping Quiz
6. Canada’s Environmental Resources
7. Levels of Government
8. How the Environment Affects Industry
9. How Humans Affect the Environment
10. Canada’s Economic Sectors/Levels of Responsibility
11. Inquiry Groups
12. Environmental Stewardship
13. Interpreting & Analysing Information
14. Introduction of Culminating Activity
15. How Citizens Create Change
16. Perspectives
Project Presentations

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