Ontario Grade 4 Social Studies | Early Societies DIGITAL Version

Introducing an all-in-one DIGITAL comprehensive unit on the Political and Physical Regions of Canada, specifically designed for Ontario Grade 4 teachers!

$15.00 CAD

Are you teaching social studies to a Grade 4 class in Ontario? You will love this digital Early Societies to 1500 CE unit full of engaging interactive activities and digital workbooks that bring this curriculum strand alive! This resource focuses on the following 6 ancient civilizations:

Early Societies:

★ Ancient China

★ Ancient Egypt

★ Ancient Greece

★ Early Anishinaabe

★ Early Canadian Inuit

★ Medieval England



• Teacher Instruction/Answer Key Booklet

• Early Society Digital Workbooks (one per society)

• Student-Friendly Texts and Tasks

•Teacher Examples of Modeled Work

• Big Ideas on the Ontario Social Studies Curriculum

• Mapping

• Chat Stations

• Answer Keys and Rubric

• Culminating Task


Unit Format: While modeling with a look at the early Aztecs, the teacher guides students through an exploration of six other different societies. After the introductory activities, students work in “Expert Groups” using their particular early society digital workbook containing text and follow-up tasks. Each group focuses on a different early society, bringing their learning back each day to share with the class in Knowledge Building Circles. This structure allows students to compare and contrast these societies, as well as to consider the primary sources that make their learning possible.


Students celebrate their learning with the culminating task, which is an Early Societies Museum. Each student creates an artifact and/or a digital booklet about an important item or event from the society he or she learned about in their expert group.



1. How Do We Learn About the Past?

2. How Does the Local Environment Affect a Society?

3. How Do Maps Help Us Learn About a Society?

4. How Does the Environment Shape a Society?

5. How Were People Organized?

6. What Were Homes Like?

7. What Were Families Like?

8. What Work Did People Do?

9. How Did People Learn and Have Fun?

10. What Did People Believe?

11. How Did People Get Around

12. What Legacies Did Early Societies Leave?


Please Note:



Is this unit available in French?
It will be very soon. (It will be very soon. (I hope to have the translated digital unit in my store by late winter of 2024; the translated PRINTABLE)

Is this unit available as a traditional printable resource?
Yes, the original printable unit with the full 3-part lesson plans are available here !

I already own your blended Grade 3/4 and Grade 4/5 Strand A units. Does this straight-grade resource repeat the same content?
No, I created this Grade 4 unit as a completely new unit, aside from some references to the early Aztecs from the Grade 4/5 unit.

What will I need to assign this resource to my students?
You will require:

❶ Access to the internet

❷ A Google Drive Account

How can I reach you with other questions? My email address is: coachsteachingcorner@gmail.com

I already own your original Grade 4 Strand B Social Studies unit. Why should I consider purchasing this digital version?

The digital resources completely align with the regular units. This makes it extremely easy to meet IEP accommodations for specific students with little effort on your part.

✔ The digital resources are paperless, which is perfect if your school administrator is asking you to cut down on photocopying!

✔ The saturated, full-colour interactive slides are engaging for students.

✔ It’s easy to implement with distance learning.

✔ It’s just fun to use!


Can I edit this resource?

I have left 95% of the texts in editable form for two reasons:

➀ to ensure that students are able to use Google Read & Write with the activities.

➁ to allow teachers to edit texts and tasks when they feel it suitable for their class or to address IEP accommodations for specific students.


How do I collect student work?

Your students will simply complete their own copies of the lessons, and turn them into your platform (ie. Google Classroom).




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