Ontario Grade 4/5 Social Studies Strand A Digital FRENCH Version

This Ontario Grade 4/5 Social Studies Strand A Unit for Use with Google Slides™️/Classroom™️ was created to meet the expectations of the revised 2018 Ontario Social Studies Curriculum for Strand A.

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Ontario Grade 4/5 French Immersion teachers, are you looking for a digital resource to help make your Strand A social studies unit more engaging? Need something extra during a distance learning situation or to help meet the IEP expectations for students with accommodations? Just tired of bouncing between grades, and hoping for a unit that blends the expectations for both grades in a single resource? This unit does it all! This Ontario Grade 4/5 Social Studies Strand A Unit for Use with Google Slides™️/Classroom™️ was created to meet the expectations of the revised 2018 Ontario Social Studies Curriculum for Strand A:

Grade 4: Early Societies, 3000 BCE-1500 CE

Grade 5: Interactions of Indigenous Peoples and Europeans Prior to 1713

NOTE: This digital edition contains the same texts and tasks as the original printable version, but does NOT contain the three part lesson plans from the original version. Where appropriate, I have included some teacher notes with slides that could benefit from some explanation. All student texts are written in English, while teacher notes off the side of the slides are in English.

You can check out the original, printable unit here .

Students can:

•use Google Read and Write to listen to texts

•type responses directly into the file

•access hyperlinks to relevant websites and videos

•copy and paste when applicable

•build upon existing tech skills

The blended format of this resource allows teachers to teach one lesson to both grades, while still meeting the curriculum expectations in a structured manner. The societies looked at for each grade level are different, but are explored in similar manners. While you may want to use a variety of supplemental materials, this resource contains student-friendly texts for each lesson.


1. Causes and Consequences

2. What Do We Know About Early Societies?

3. Mapping

4. Introduction to Early Societies Timeline

5. Cause and Consequence in Early Societies

6. Asking Questions

7. Spotlight Communities

8. Beliefs and Religions in Early Societies

9. Daily Life

10. How Were People Organized in Early Societies

11. Continuity and Change

12. Mapping New Communities

13. What is Significant About a Society

14. Asking Questions – Chat Stations

15. Residential Schools/Gathering Resources

16. Becoming Experts

17. Presentations

This resource allows students to develop their understanding of the following Concepts of Social Studies Thinking as they explore how societies changed as a result of European influences, and how societies are alike and different from each other and from our lives today:


►Continuity and Change



Frequently Asked Questions:

What will I need to assign this resource to my students?

You will require:

❶ Access to the internet

❷ A Google Drive Account

I already own your original Grade 4/5 Strand A Social Studies Strand A unit. Why should I consider purchasing this digital version?

The digital resources completely align with the regular unit. This makes it extremely easy to meet IEP accommodations for specific students with little effort on your part.

✔ The digital resource is paperless, which is perfect if your school administrator is asking you to cut down on photocopying!

✔ The saturated, full-colour interactive slides are engaging for students.

✔ It’s easy to implement with distance learning.

✔ It’s just fun to use!

Can I edit this resource?

I have left 95% of the texts in editable form for two reasons:

➀ to ensure that students are able to use Google Read & Write with the activities.

➁ to allow teachers to edit texts and tasks when they feel it suitable for their class or to address IEP accommodations for specific students.

How do I collect student work?

Your students will simply complete their own copies of the lessons, and turn it in to your platform (ie. Google Classroom).

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